Create Your Own Plan

This is when you decide WHEN and WHAT

  1. Pick the challenges within the topics that you want to work on

  2. You'll receive the link to the challenge you've registered for

  3. Each challenge contains more than one thing to do

  4. The content of the challenge is influenced greatly by the inspirational video that is included with each challenge

  5. The inspiration of the material is based around musicians and dancers

  6. There is no continuation in between the challenges so feel free to select anything that you want to work on

  7. This is an opportunity for you to project these challenges and make them your own

All challenges cost the same

No matter what challenges you select, they cost
10€ for each challenge

What are the topics?

Below are four main topics which you can pick your challenges to be based on. Please take a moment to browse through these and get familiar.
These are either topics that I'm currently working on and has brought me inspiration to develop my dancing. I'll be adding more content regularly.

Go for yourself
Illinois Jacquet

Scatting like a trumpet
Ella Fitzgerald

Simplify was my thing, I guess
Count Basie

Almost everything I've done, it's through my own creativity
Buddy Rich


Jazz was not only built in the mind of the great ones,
but on the back of the ordinary ones.

Cab Calloway

To register, please click and explore the topics above.

Here is a demo video to give you a rough idea of what to expect in the challenges.
Although the challenge videos are more informative 😉