Could I take more than 1 week/weekend course for myself?

Yes, of course! You just need to register again for each course, selecting the dates/slots you want as you go.

Could I take the course together with someone else?

Yes, of course! However feedback and interactions can only occur with a single person for the duration of the course, as it would otherwise cause inconsistencies in that student's learning progression for the week or weekend. If you both/all want to receive feedback, please purchase a course for each student. Basically the person who registers for the course, is the person that will receive feedback.

Why does the "Week Course" have 2 different prices?

It's an extra-motivation for you to keep on working everyday of the week! So you'll start the week with the highest amount (65€/week), but if you keep sending the challenges daily, the price decreases daily as well. So you could end up paying 45€/week!

Could I get feedback while taking the "Create Your Own Plan" course?

Unfortunately no, the only plans with feedback included are the Week and Weekend Plans. This is because I'll already be providing feedback on the Week and Weekend courses, they have limited number of slots, therefore I will already be busy with providing feedback to those students registered on the Week and Weekend course. Students who book the "Create Your Own Plan" course is purposed for learning at their own speed, who only need minimal guidance and to cover as many topics as quickly or as slowly as they wish.

I can´t seem to access the challenge pages after registration, is there something I´m missing?

You will be required to register your email address with Google in order to access their resources including the challenges. You do not need to setup a new account with Google, you can use your existing email address. Here is a video outlining that process.

Could I take the Weekend Course at any other time during the week?

No. The Weekend Course is meant to be a 3-day course happening on Weekends only.

How do I get to chose the Topics to work on for the Week Course?

You can pick the main options once you register. However, we will also have a meeting the day before starting the classes. In this meeting we will get to set the topics and the focus of the week, so we'll design the course together, depending on your own interests, availability and goals.